We have been enjoying harvests of lettuce and a variety of salad leaves, early carrots from the greenhouse border and even the odd strawberry. The first potatoes are ready in a tub in the greenhouse and the earlies at the front of the plot should be ok next week. I have had a look!

The photos show the various beds from front to back of the plot.

The comfrey beds have done well and some of the crops have had their first taste of comfrey tea, but rather them than me. I have also planted comfrey below the hedge opposite our plot.

Potatoes survived a few late frosts and the second earlies are in full flower. I am just starting to plant out brassicas with sprouts already in and PSB to follow next week.

There are many crops that I have not grown before including celeriac, bulb fennel and self-blanching celery and they are all doing well so far.

We have had much cool weather and cold winds in May so the French beans, courgettes, winter squash and cucumbers, all planted since the middle of May, have been covered in fleece for added protection.

Slug damage has not been bad, partly due to using slug pellets, but the broad beans have suddenly become alive with blackfly. Let's hope that a soapy spray will do the trick. I remember my grandfather throwing the contents of the kitchen sink, generally after the dishes had been washed, over the roses.

Onions and shallots are growing well and the leeks will be ready to go in soon but I will need to use land vacated by the first potatoes. Of course there would have been plenty of room for the leeks, but Kath is expanding her cutting garden empire around and behind the sitting area.

I have included photos of the soft fruit and asparagus beds for future reference.