The first job was to repair the base of the greenhouse by adding a new wall plate, securely bolted into the breeze-block base, followed by glass cleaning and refitting. The big advantage of the greenhouse has been having a haven of relative warmth in the very cold weather. I have built new staging, recycling some of the timber from the old staging together with some new fence rail for the base and batten for the tops.

Like the rest of the country we had some very strong winds in January and I was concerned for the safety of my newly glazed greenhouse which is side-on to the dominant south-westerlies. I used the blackberry post and wire supports to attach green debris netting which filters out some of the wind's strength. I will leave this in place during the winter and put it back in the autumn once the blackberries have been pruned back to their support wires.

Three of the raised beds have been planted with soft fruit and a fourth is ready for the asparagus.

There are six raised beds for vegetables and I plan to use one and a half beds for each section of a four year rotation. The beds are 1.2m wide and 6.3m long, with 0.6m paths, the paths covered with membrane and topped with wood chippings which are freely available on site. I have used fencing rail rather than gravel board for the edging as, although it is not as tall, it is much more substantial. Two of the bed sections have been topped with manure, ready for potatoes and legumes and the other sections will have the same treatment next year.

We have a few forced rhubarb sticks, probably enough for half a portion. I'll put a large crown in the greenhouse next winter!